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How do I increase my points in campus commune portal of TCS?
Do something significant. You see, now you want to increase your points for any reason whatsoever. When you'll enter TCS you'll fight over points (We call it IPF) one of many disgusting things here at TCS, and it's a rat race.Instead you should sharpen any of your skills which you are already good at OR You should try some new technologies which you have no idea.If it is really the points that you care about, one of the easiest ways it can be done is by posting articles, voting in polls, commenting and liking articles, updating your profile (like adding a picture) etc, to be short just being active. But if you want to increase your knowledge as well, I would suggest taking quizzes and attending modules .
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3)Is it necessary to earn points in TCS Campus Commune?
4) How do I increase my points in the campus commune portal of TCS? How do these points benefit me in placements?
5)How to increase tcs points?
answer:watch full video for your all answer.