How to fix android studios 2.3 NDK bug?

This type of error statement are:-
1.NDK is missing a “platforms” directory.
2.How to set ANDROID_NDK_HOME so that Android Studio does not ask for ndk location?

Warning look like this:
"Configuration on demand is an incubating feature. NDK is missing a "platforms" directory. If you are using NDK, verify the ndk.dir is set to a valid NDK directory. It is currently set to C:\Users\Emily Thacker\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\ndk-bundle. If you are not using NDK, unset the NDK variable from ANDROID_NDK_HOME or to remove this warning."

Soultion: You are trying more solution While you are not require NDK 
please open your build.gradle and here you are two gradle path like:-

classpath ''
classpath ''
here you can remove a class path and use only one
classpath of gradle and then clean the project This is working for me

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