POCKET GIRL GAME PLAY Unlock All Action Crack For You:Pocket Girl game Guide

Pocket Girl Game Guide Download For Unlock to Unrated Version(18+):

How to Play

1.)Open Pocket Girl Android App.Download link Pocket Girl Game.

2.)When game is load Completely see the virtual girl and guess and think word which can do this girl.
3.)Enter this word in text field which is in bottom side of the app. Like Dance,Kiss,Jump.....
4.)if your word is matched girl doing that actions.

How to Unlock Action

1.)If you any difficulty to guess any words you can simply watch one video ads and its simply unlock a new actions.
2.)Otherwise you can like Pocket girl facebook page your three actions were unlocked.
3.)Otherwise you can simply purchase its Pro Version in less amount.

How to get Unrated Verison

1.)Pocket girl unrated version is also available on mikandi app store.
2.)Download link Nude Pocked girl its available in 199 Gold its paid app..
3.)But you should Know first things Mikandi App store is working on gold means if you want any paid app you should first purchase gold i suggest you first register on mikandi website .
4.)Go To Packages and Purchase 4$ package this package having lots of gold and you can use this gold to purchase Unrated Version and then follow Step 2).
5.)When you download unrated version apk install this app in your android phone and play The unrated version with unrated 18+ actions.

All Action Free(pocket Girl Pro Version)

1.)If you dont wanna waste your time to guess the actions you can simply purchase the pocket girl pro version which having all actions unlocked and ads free.
2.)Download link Pocket Girl Pro..

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