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We are a one stop shop for ordering food online and for searching eating joints near you. Now choose what you want to eat at the press of a button from our wide range of cuisines ranging from Indian to Continental to Chinese and many more. It is a simple and easy way of ordering food online in the comfort of your living room.


• On-Time Delivery: We guarantee you that the time that you have asked for the food to be delivered will reach you within that stipulated time. We also cater to late night deliveries with no geographical limitations.
• Track your Food Order: For more efficient customer service we have come up with a tracking feature wherein you can track your food order on the phone. It saves you time from calling up the restaurant to check whether your food has left the premises or not. You can track your order right from the pickup point until your final destination.
• Range of Cuisines: We have a wide variety of menus in each cuisine to suit different types.

All MANGOJEE Android app:
• Mangojee App: MangoJee - Appetite Food Service 

• Mangojee Driver: Mangojee Driver App -This app is for delivery boy to pick the food from the restaurant and deliver to customers.

Mangojee Partner App: Mangojee Partner App-The Mangojee Restaurant App aims to simplify the process of conveying orders to a restaurant and streamlining the entire process of ordering in, from confirming to preparation to delivery. The app serves as a bridge between our restaurants and Mangojee for ordering. This ensures that everything runs on technology, making it simpler than ever before to manage a takeaway business. Restaurant owners can now keep tabs on the number of orders placed and maintain a record of all orders placed through Mangojee!
Restaurant owners can also see their Business Metrics

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