1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz

Early life and family Gloria Diaz
Often cited as being part of the Diaz clan in newspapers, she is one of twelve children (10 girls and 2 boys). Her sister, Rio Diaz, was also an actress and beauty titlist who died after a six-year battle with colon cancer.

1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz
Diaz was approached by an individual who believed she would do well in the Miss Universe competition and groomed the young woman. Diaz was only 18 when she became Miss Universe 1969 after besting other candidates on the final question. It was about how to welcome the first men that had just landed on the moon -- Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins as soon as they were back on the planet.She was crowned at the International American-owned pageant in Miami Beach, Florida, U.S. after their
footage was set on the Statue of Liberty in New York.

1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz

Acting career Gloria Diaz
Diaz is a well-known actress in Philippine cinema and television. Her box-office mettle and acting prowess were honoured with the coveted FAMAS Award from the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences for Best Supporting Actress in the 2005 FAMAS Best Picture Nasaan Ka Man.

Personal life Gloria Diaz
Diaz studied at St. Scholastica's College Manila. She is separated from businessman Gabriel "Bong" Daza, with whom she has two daughters, Isabelle and Ava.

Controversy Gloria Diaz
In a TV Patrol interview shortly after the Miss Universe 2010 pageant on 23 August, Diaz commented on Miss Philippines contestant Venus Raj becoming 4th runner-up. She suggested in the interview that perhaps Raj and other Filipinas would benefit from answering pageant questions via the use of an interpreter rather than in English. Diaz further said that '[because] when you think about a Cebuana can hardly speak English and of course Tagalog. May be she should answer in Bisaya.Her remark sparked outrage amongst many Cebuanos, who felt that Diaz insulted their English proficiency. Cebuano politicians such as Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia and Congresswoman Rachel del Mar called on her to apologise. In response to the controversy, Diaz saw no need to apologize and instead clarified her remarks: Let me clarify it once and for all. People should have the right to say or to answer (questions) in whatever language they want to say it in. If they're Cebuanos, they can say it in Cebuano. I did not say that they did not speak English. If you're Ilocano, say it in Ilocano. But if you're Ilocano who speaks good English, say it in English. If you're Cebuano who can speak Spanish, if you're comfortable with Spanish, say it in Spanish. That's what I said and that's what I meant. Gloria Diaz, De Los Angeles, Edison (2010-09-01). "Apologize to Cebuanos, Diaz told". Cebu Daily News. Inquirer Global Nation. Retrieved 2010-09-06. On 1 September 2010, the Vice Mayors' League of the Philippines-Cebu passed a resolution declaring Diaz a persona non grata within Cebu City.

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