Top 5 programming language to learn in 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.where we are going to have the technical talks are going to talk about a lot of stuff and of course I would expect you to post some questions so that I can answer to this question going to be answering a very important question what are the top 5 programming language on which I should be focusing now these top 5 programming language of course I'm going to change over the year of time i'm talking in 2018 so this is going to be different scenario and if
you ask me this in later in the day 2020 going to be different and it was really different in 2010 so let's talk about the present scenario so what are the top five programming language that you should be focusing right now.

Top 5 programming language to learn in 2018
1.JavaScript :so it is very simple nowadays you should definitely be getting started but the
JavaScript now this was not something that you might have seen as a coming because JavaScript was not at all considered the good programming language to start up out there but nowadays it's really really important that you get started with the javascript and the reason they're pretty simple that you can merge upon variety of new technologies like node.js react.js and a tons of things are out there so you should definitely be getting started with JavaScript ok that's done with the number 1.

2.python what should be the 2nd language that you should opt, now I would say being a big fan of python I would say that you can choose python up to you you might want to choose the Titans are the Ruby but I would say just off one of them can serve you as pretty good so I would say that go for the python and you can develop some webapps or maybe some desktop application or pretty much anything in the python so that is definitely going to be the number 2 language in my list

3.Java and Swift:what comes up next is going to be really little bit tricky now I would say between the two language the java or the swift now if you are really enthusiastic about iPhone app MacBook application or Mac application or something like that then you should definitely be opting out in the swift language otherwise you can choose with java as well if you're pretty much interested in Android application or desktop application just follow the videos or maybe for the mac as well but then definitely java  should be the way to go up with that but I would say again choose between the swift and java decide your pattern right now that where you want end up you want to end up with the Mac
application developer or android application the Android application definitely it's not at all a good idea to just jump on and learned that side by side first master one of them and then you can move ahead now that comes up as a number three what should be on the number of 4.

4.Php: is pretty good it should be the PHP Now some of you might say when we have node.js or something like that why should we focus on the PHP now I would say the world is the internet what is actually quite large on a large scale are large proportion is being by the WordPress and WordPress runs entirely on the PHP and if you want to be into the development of maybe one to be some other technologies like WordPress or something PHP is a must go language.

5.SQL:so these are all about what about the number five number five Go with the SQL, snow some of you might say, this is not even a programming language yes I may agree with that but that's a different story and talk for another day right now I would say that go for the SQL it's really powerful its simple it gives you a great idea about handing the database  definitely you will be handling the database weather going with node.js or maybe mongo db   or maybe other kinds of data base but handling the databases is really important that you want to have so definitely let's just quickly
summarize what we gone in this movie

the top 5 by programming language that you should be focusing the first one I would say that always go with the JavaScript in the present scenario it can lead you with a variety of ways node js flux js and a lot of things like that number two is going to be the python the number three is going to be a smart choice by you between the swift and the java number 4 is going to be the PHP and number five is going to be that SQL now definitely I would say that add up base on the basis of what do you like
to do or did you want to go some people would say I don't need to learn Java or any of those I would be moving on to that jQuery or maybe I on the ionic frameworks or something like that like phonegaps and all of that but that's up to totally you know this was my point of view I would definitely like to know what's your point of view on this blog ok so with this now ends up
again I would say that follow like comment below down the videos please don't forget to follow blog.
was your questions below so that I can know that what video I want to make next or what we do you want me to make or on such questions your questions really make this a really really enthusiastic
blog and quite fun as well ok see you out there in the next blog.

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