21 Interesting Facts about Isaac Newton Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton, one of the great scientists, was from England. Look at the math, look at the physics and say nothing newton is available. Let's know about 21 interesting facts about these ... let's begin ...

1. Newton was born in the year Galileo Galilei died in the year.

2. Newton's full name was 'Isaac Newton'. He was born on December 25, 1642 in England and died 31 March, 1727 in England.

3. Did you know that Isaac Newton's father's name was Isaac Newton?

4. Newton's father died three months before his birth. Newton's size was much smaller than the normal at birth, so there were very few chances of survival.

5. The time Newton made Law of gravitation, Three laws of motion and Calculus, the plague's disease spread in Cambridge at that time and Newton was absolutely free.

6. Newton was only 23 years old when he discovered gravitational force.

7. Apple did not fall on Newton's head, but dropped ahead.

8. Newton has written so many papers not written on science and mathematics.

9. Newton threatened to burn his mother and stepfather alive once in Jawani.

10. Newton was also a member of the Parliament for a year. In this whole year, he only spoke one sentence: He asked his side to stop the window open.

11. Earth runs around the Sun, but not the oval, it is said by Newton only.

12. Newton discovered the differntial and integral calculus to tell why all the planets roam the oval.

13. Isaac Newton took the time to invent calculus as much as a student would learn to learn it.

14. In 1720, Isaac Newton lost the money of today's $ 30 million in the stack market.

15. In 1666, Newton looked at the rays of the sun with the help of the prism, that it is made up of many colors. He had created a telescope that reflected light, with his own hands, which is still used today.

16. Newton was a man with a handwritten hand written by Khabbu.

17. Isaac Newton were dead.

18. The Apple logo of the Apple company was a picture of Newton. They also have a newton named product.

19. Tremendous scientist Albert Einstein placed photographs of Isaac Newton with Michael Faraday, James Maxwell on the walls of his study room.

20. Mathematica theory of Isaac Newton's a minor calculation was wrong, but for 300 years no one has paid attention to it.

21. A piece of wood from the tree that fell on the apple has also been sent to the space so that the gravitational force can be ignored and this tree can be given a sense of zero gravity.

21 Interesting Facts about Isaac Newton Isaac Newton

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